About us

Purpose of ISCS :

The Islamic Society of Colorado Springs is a religious organization which shall engage in religious and charitable non-profit activities with the purposes of providing Islamic religious and social services to the Muslims of Colorado Springs and El Paso County and providing a forum for understanding and communicating the message of Islam.

Objective :

The overall objective of ISCS is to strive to encourage the practice of Islam in the spirit of Islam amongst the Muslims in Colorado Springs and El Paso County regardless of their national origins, color, gender or race.

In order to achieve the above mentioned objective, the organization shall,

  1. Provide a bridge between the Muslim community and the community at large.
  2. Support activities that would increase practice and understanding of Islam among the Muslims and introduce Islam to non-Muslims.
  3. Continue to improve the study circles, Quran reading and Islamic and Arabic teaching lessons for the children and adults in an organized fashion.
  4. Establish and maintain a Community Center for the Muslims of Colorado Springs and El Paso County, which might include a masjid, library, meeting rooms, children’s school and other facilities.
  5. Participate in charitable activities and provide social services.
  6. Establish a forum for communicating the message of Islam and providing information about Islam.