Welcome to ISCS’s Masjid Al-Farooq

Visitors are welcome to visit the Islamic Society of Colorado Springs’ mosque to observe our weekly congregational Friday Juma service. The service is held at our mosque/masjid, Masjid Al-Farooq, located at 2125 N. Chestnut, Colorado Springs, CO 80907, from about 12:40 pm till about 1:20 pm.

All visitors, groups and individuals, should notify us of their plans to visit by sending an email toiscs.info.contact@gmail.com with information about their proposed date of visit, purpose of visit,affiliation with church or organization, and approximate number of visitors, and should wait for confirmation that their request for a visit has been approved.

All visitors are required to sign in with their name and contact information and wear a badge identifying them. Visitors should read the information below about the service and agree to the rules and etiquette of the mosque and the service. Visitors not conforming to the rules will denied entry or be asked to leave. Regular visitors to the mosque whom we already know are exempt from signing in.

Parking: Please park in the ISCS parking lot; please do not park in front of neighbors’ driveways.

Seating: Visitors, men and women, will be seated in the visitors’ area, from where they can see and hear the service directly. Visitors should arrive by 12:30 pm to be seated, so they do not interrupt the service or cause a distraction. Visitors are not required to remove their shoes when seated in the visitors’ area.

Dress: Men and women should be dressed modestly appropriately for a place of worship. Men maynot be dressed in shorts, and women may not wear mini-skirts, shorts, tight clothes, or blouses that reveal cleavage. Those dressed inappropriately for a place of worship may be asked to leave.

Behavior: Visitors are required to be silent during the entire service, and may not talk or use cell phones during the sermon and congregation prayers. Visitors may not enter the men’s or women’s prayer areas or join in the congregational prayers without permission of the officials of ISCS.

Handshake: It is etiquette for men to not shake hands with women, so women should not be offended if Muslim men do not shake their hands, it is out of respect.

Information about Islam: Visitors seeking more information about Islam should ask whoever is  coordinating their visit to arrange for one of the more knowledgeable persons to speak to them before or after the service.

Literature, pamphlets, business: It is not permitted to distribute literature or pamphlets of any type without permission of the officials of ISCS. No business may be conducted on the premises.

Proselytization: Some of the more knowledgeable members of the congregation will be glad to address questions of theology, but haranguing other members of the congregation will result in immediate explusion, as will seeking their personal contact information.

Media: TV, radio and newspaper reporters and photographers must have express permission of the officials of ISCS to interview or photograph people, and must also have permission from people portrayed in photos or videos.