ISCS Announcements, Eid Picnic!


Al Salamu Alakiom Wa Rahmatullah dear brothers and sisters, **First Juma Khutbah tomorrow inshallah 12:40 delivered by brother Farouk **2nd Khutbah inshallah 1:40 delivered by brother Ibrahim Khan 1- Iqma time change at masjid as follows: Fajr 5:25 Asr 5:30 Isha 9:30 2- Eid picnic is this coming Sunday 12-5 pm at Fountain Creek Regional Park, please see flyer on the website or app for more details. BBQ, sides, chips will be provided, feel free to bring what you like to share, a cooler, Ice and drinks are always appreciated on hot days! 3- If you like to contribute to cover some of the picnic expenses please donate at website, app or see brother Zeeshan, If you have any questions please text (719)217-2555 4- Our community has lost an elder member (Brother Abo Walid) yesterday 8/14/2019, may Allah SWT grant him Jannah and bestow patience on his family who will be at masjid tomorrow to accept your condolences after Juma. 5- We need volunteer teachers to teach at Saturday school which starting at the end of this month, please submit your name at 6-Brother Chase and his wife were blessed with a baby girl named her Salama. May Allah SWT make her a pious servant, Ameen. Thank you and Jazakom Allah Khair!

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16 Aug 2019 03:01 PM